ELIXON 7 is an Australian owned company offering a diversified portfolio of distinctive thermoplastic products & services for water irrigation and dewatering systems, chemical resistant storage facilities, associated electrical & communications, processing and manufacturing, plant & equipment, as well as many other products leading to cost effectiveness and sustainability in  Mining, Civil, Oil & Gas, Agriculture and Commercial sectors.

Bringing together over 30 years of experience within the plastic fusion industry,
ELIXON 7 teaming with some of the leading manufacturers in PE, PP, UHMWP, PVC and PVDF products and accessories to design, build and supply a custom, sustainable water and chemical management solutions for your project.

Efficient & Effective

One of the most crucial aspects determining failure or success in operations of main key strategic assets is efficiency & effectiveness. We provide a variety of effective industrial thermoplastic products for water retention, disposal and treatment applications and have the essentials to generate efficiency in your daily water and chemical processing operations.

Planning & Project Execution

From grand mining projects, large agricultural irrigation, government infrastructure  to individual, environmental, mechanical fabrication products; we recognise our client’s requirements and our solutions are designed to deliver clearly defined benefits ensuring each of our partners achieve the desired result.

Innovative, Cost Effective, Sustainable

When it comes to thermoplastics and acrylics, ELIXON 7 Fabrication Department provides extensive knowledge, skill and technology in fabrication and installation of industrial plastic products for many applications;  Such capabilities allow us to initiate new designs and develop products with high abrasion resistance, less corrosive and environmentally friendly parameters as well as low cost maintenance.

Experienced and Skilled

Positioned in Western Australia and New South Wales, our experienced  project team and fabrication facilities allow us to service all states of Australia.
Taking on numerous projects across the nation, we hold the ability to design, fabricate, supply and install thermoplastic packages as a turn-key solution.